A history of 5 seconds of MIDI data is used to create a dynamic wavetable which is scanned as a monophonic audio frequency oscillator.


  • Receives Control Change, Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Keyposition, and Velocity data.
  • Scrolling history of MIDI data.
  • Adjustable wavetable length(you can drag on interface too).
  • Power knob to add some upper harmonics(or just plain strangeness).
  • Oscilloscope of waveform.
  • Output amplifier can be modulated(typically there is an envelope controlling this).


  • So many possibilities with this one.
  • Add internal oscillators.
  • Polyphonic version would be nice.
  • Portamento/legato controls.
  • Filter/drive section.
  • Delay section.
  • Fix startup noises.
  • Easier control of waveform display.