A Low Frequency Oscillator that sends out MIDI Control Change data.


  • Editable shape with preset save and recall.
  • Frequencies from 0 Hz to 10 Hz.
  • Frequency can be set in Hz or tempo based subdivisions.
  • Can be synced to song(or not even in beat based frequency).
  • Frequency can be modulated with a CC(including a Learn function).
  • Starting phase can be set and triggered by a MIDI note(or any MIDI note).
  • Phase can be modulated by MIDI CC data.
  • LFO ouput uses standard output submodule.
  • Sync output is a ramp wave corresponding to current phase of LFO(allows syncing of two LFO's).
  • Trigger output sends a MIDI note with each restart of LFO(LFO can function as a clock source).


  • Fill function with useful presets.