Turn Live into a Modular Synth

  • Record automation into Session view clips for immediate live jamming and playback.
  • Smooth the sharp automation lines.
  • Proper keyswitching with the Chain Selector.
  • Add an LFO or envelope to any parameter.
  • Map a CC to a parameter with an arbitrary shape.
  • Control synth parameters with Control Change, key location, velocity, and aftertouch data.
The Mod4Live devices use MIDI CC's like you would use Control Voltage data in a modular synthesizer, passing the signals between devices to control parameters. The end destination of the CC data is typically the MIDI Rack Hijack device which receives CC data(or other MIDI data) and controls Macro controls in an Instrument Rack. This is perfect for direct control of synth parameters and live jamming because CC data can be recorded directly into a Session view clip for instant playback(Did you get that? Recording automation into session view clips!).

Updates, additions, and improvements

I am not planning to devote much time updating and improving these devices, currently they do everything I need. But, I would LOVE to see the M4L community take them and improve on them.  They provide a consistent way for M4L patches to interact, and a consistent user interface for parameter modulation and CC input, output, and mixing. All I ask for is credit for my work. If you make a significant upgrade to any of the devices, send me an e-mail and I will post it here and credit your involvement.

Have Fun. Make Music