Geting Started

  • Download the latest Modular4Live collection from the Files page.
  • Unzip the folder into your Max MIDI effect folder in your Live Library.
  • Add the devices to a MIDI track and tweak away.
  • Start with the MIDI rack Hijack placed before your favorite Instrument Rack.
  • Check out the individual Module pages for tips and feature lists(slowly being improved).

The hardest part of these devices is the output section.  The devices treat each CC as a control voltage bus. The output of an LFO on CC 2 can be mixed with the data already going with CC 2 in that track.

The output section allows you to enable the output, set the CC to use, and scale the output; then multiply or add it with what is already on the CC. Or you can block what is already on the CC and put the LFO output straight thru.
The typical setup(at first) is On, full amount, and Thru. You may find yourself setting that up frequently!